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PRIVACY POLICY - All information is kept completely confidential. We do not disclose any uniquely identifiable information collected by our web sites, email, forms, mail, fax, telephone conversations or any other manner to other parties without your express permission unless required by law enforcement or other government agencies authorized to do so. Period.

REFUND POLICY - Web hosting customers may call, email or write at anytime to cancel with at least 30-days notice. Full refund is offered to month-to-month customers for unused services  only. Contract customers receive reduced hosting fees and can get a full setup fee refund in 1st 30 days, 50% 31-90 days, $0 after 90 days but must pay balance of monthly hosting fees if cancelled within the 1st 12 months and incur $20 per month cancellation fee for each remaining unused or partially used month within the 1st year. Our refund policy does not apply to any additional items or services; those are nonrefundable. Also not included and, are nonrefundable, are Domain Parking Services, Domain Registration, and any additional services such as overages, disk space, SSL, bandwidth, maintenance, license and subscription fees. No refunds are available after account upgrades or downgrades. When credit is given, you will receive a credit on your account to be used towards any invoice of your choice. Accounts cancelled/terminated by IWBC for violating our Terms of Service do not qualify for any money back guarantee. For example, if your account is cancelled due to spamming, you will not be given any refund. Cancellations over the telephone and informal email are not accepted.

SHIPPING POLICY - All products are uploaded to InternetWebBuilders.Com servers or InternetWebBuilders.Com contracted servers. We do sell any physical products. Any physical items provided to us become property of unless otherwise agreed to in writing.  Clients requesting return of physical items shall bear responsibility for shipping costs.

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