How to Edit the Footer in WordPress (Step by Step)

  • 16th September 2020
How to Edit the Footer in WordPress (Step by Step) Do you need to edit the footer area of your WordPress website? The footer area appears at the bottom of each page on your WordPress site., There are several different ways website owners can utilize this area and make it more useful for their website visitors. In this article, we will show you ...
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WARNING: Domain Name Payment Scam

  • 6th August 2020
Customers are receiving scam phone calls claiming a domain payment is past due and will be sent to collections court if not paid.  The scammers are obtaining  our vendor registrar names (Wild West Domains or NameCheap) by doing a WhoIs look up on their domain and getting their contact information by visiting their website. The scammers threaten ...
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Server Power Mainenance Scheduled

  • 3rd June 2019
Starting on June 14th, 2019, at 7:00 PM (PDT), our Facilities Team will be performing maintenance on the Power Distribution Unit that provides power to our servers. This maintenance will require that our server be powered down for a short period of time.  Although the maintenance window will remain open for six hours (until June 15th, 2019 at ...
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SERVICE UPDATE – Transition of Roaring Penguin Services

  • 8th May 2019
We are sunsetting all Roaring Penguin services and transitioning  customers’ spam filter to SpamTitan, a best-in-breed spam filtering solution.    There is no price change and there is nothing you are required to do on your end. The  support & engineering teams are handling the changeover on the back-end. This is simply a ...
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