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  • The Google Search Network displays ads on Google search pages. These are the ads that display with a colored background at the top of a search results page or in the right-side column. This results in the most targeted type of traffic on the web because your ad only displays when someone is using a search phrase that contains your keywords. In other words, they are specifically searching for the products, services or information that your site offers.
  • The Search Partners Network works similar to the Google Search network, but your ads will display on search results pages for search engines that Google has formed partnerships with.
  • The Display Network will display ads on various web pages in possibly thousands of web sites that contain content closely related to your targeted search phrases. This called contextual advertising because the ads are matched to pages with content related to your keyword phrases. The Display Network is good to use if you want to drive lots of traffic to a site, but the traffic is not as targeted as that found with the Google Search Network.

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