As part of our continuing efforts to provide the best possible service, we would like to inform you that Google has sent out a notification that their Chrome broswer will soon begin showing security warnings for websites that are not utilizing HTTPS.

Google has stated that Chrome (version 68) will begin displaying a warning that websites accessed over HTTP are "NOT SECURE". 

This is the latest change in Google's campaign for a secure web, reinforcing the use of HTTPS on websites. Our goal is to make sure that our valued clients are prepared for this upcoming change.

Google states that the way to address this is to migrate the website to HTTPS. AND, a valid SSL certificate is also a requirement.

One addtional important point to mention is that Google does consider HTTPS protocol in their ranking algorithm, meaning that a site using HTTPS will potentially rank better than non-HTTPS sites.

Note: If your site(s) is already using the HTTPS protocol on every page AND every link, then there should not be a need to make any changes.  HOWEVER, if any of your pages or links on your site produce a security warning, migration is necessary.

Please contact us with any questions, requests for estimates, or to have your site migrated over to HTTPS by going to

NOTE: Although we automatically provide free, minimal SSL certificates for all accounts, migration is still required for all pages to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Also, higher level SSL certificates are highly recommended for any website that accepts user information online through forms or performs ecommerce transactions. To see our paid SSL certificates, go to

Monday, June 25, 2018

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